An RSS-to-email aggregator.

The aim of this tool is to be simple to configure and run.


git clone https://git.panda-roux.dev/rssmail.git
cd rssmail
cmake . && make
sudo make install


rssmail <first.conf> [second.conf ...]


See example.conf for available configuration options and aliases.

SMTP configuration

# server information
username            sender@example.com
password            hunter2
host                mail.example.com
port                465

# outgoing mail headers
from                sender@example.com
to                  list@example.com
subject             RSS Mailing List

# recipient addresses
recipient           contact@panda-roux.dev
recipient           someone@example.com
recipient           someone-else@example.com

RSS feed configuration

useragent           rssmail by panda-roux (https://sr.ht/~panda-roux/rssmail/)

# feeds
feed_uri            https://itsgoingdown.org/feed
feed_uri            https://crimethinc.com/rss
feed_uri            https://www.revolutionbythebook.akpress.org/feed/
feed_uri            https://channelzeronetwork.com/rss

# maximum age of posts to include in the digest (minutes)
max_age             1440


If multiple configuration files are specified via command-line arguments, they will be treated as though concatenated in a single file. This allows for a DRY approach in which common options (such as SMTP info) may be specified in a single file and used with different feed and recipient lists.

Runtime Dependencies

  • LibXML2
  • LibCURL

Build Dependencies

  • GCC or Clang
  • CMake